Voice (ヴォイス Voisu?) is the Quirk used by Hizashi Yamada.


Voice allows Hizashi to increase the volume of his voice, giving him the ability to create loud, high-pitched sounds.

The sound that comes from Hizashi's mouth can reach extremely high levels, enough to incapacitate people by disrupting their eardrums (which may cause bleeding). The loud noise will also drown out other sound-based Quirks, giving him an advantage against those Quirk types in battle.

Because sound does not travel underground very well, it's ineffective against anything moving through it.[1]

In the anime, the words shouted by Hizashi will travel alongside Voice's sound wave, which is depicted in a yellow color. In the manga, the speech bubbles that are used through Voice have double borders.


Hizashi wears a special Directional Speaker System support item around his neck area that allows him to direct his sound waves. This prevents his Quirk from affecting allies that are close to him.


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